Basic rules for shipping glassware:
While I was in college, I had the privilege of working for one of the major shipping companies… (and I use the term privilege as sarcastically as possible.)
Take your piece of glass, and wrap it securely in bubble wrap, and then place it in a box surrounded by packing peanuts or other very soft material.  You want at least two inches of padding around your piece. Take that box, and pack it again in another, larger box. There should be a minumum of 3-4 inches of padding surrounding the first box. This should provide a reasonable amount of padding.  Once you have your glass securely packed, take it and throw it out a second story window, If it survives this, then it should be safe to ship through UPS, Fedex or the United States Postal Office.
Now, don't let this scare you. Just remember back to High School Physics where you had to build a contraption to allow an egg to survive a one story fall without breaking.  Stemware should be packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube with plenty of padding, and then placed inside a box with plenty more padding such as packing peanuts or plenty of newspaper or bubble wrap.  Then pack it in another larger box with padding.   You want three or more inches of padding surrounding your piece of glass.
Again, don't be detered from shipping something to me. I do a lot of work this way. In fact, I prefer having things to be shipped to me, especially since I work out of my home, and hey, who doesn't like going to work in their slippers?!

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