(Photo courtesy of Marvin Getman, Concord MA Holiday Antiques and Vintage Gift Show)



First off.... I must say.  "Good enough" is NOT good enough.  If you want a job done right, you've come to the right place.


Understanding what I do is really not that hard. One of the biggest obstacles I have is explaining to people is the process of subtraction. Everything I do is a process of subtraction. I am a glass grinder, and I grind glass away, grinding past the imperfections and then restoring a full polish to the glass. There is no possible way to “add glass” to a finished piece. After glass is blown or formed, it is placed in an annealing oven. The glass is then cooled over a 24 hour period at a very specific rate. If I were to try to heat a piece of glass and then “add” glass to fill in a chip, the initial piece of glass would shatter instantly. Therefore, the only other available way of “fixing” that piece is by grinding the imperfection away and then restoring the polish to it.
There is the rare instance where I can re-attach a piece of glass, such as a wine glass with a broken stem, provided the break is in an inconspicuous spot. Please be aware that when I re-attach a piece of glass, it is still a broken piece of glass and will appear broken.  Just because a piece is broken, does not make it garbage. Wine glasses with broken stems can be turned in to ring keepers (complete with lid) or even wonderful bells by adding a clapper inside. Bring it to me. You never know. We call it “creative repair”.
I do most of my work at antique shows, on site. Click on the Schedule link to see my upcoming shows. And please, if you do come to one of the antique shows,   I will tell you right now…if you bring me a bowl full of glass shards from some piece that has shattered, there is nothing I can do about it. The doctor can’t save every patient, as much as he wants to. If you cannot attend one of the shows, contact me and we’ll talk about shipping options.
I get a lot of people asking me about a certain instance where they have damage to their glass. I explain to them that I need to see it before I can tell them if I can fix it. A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you are comfortable using a digital camera, send me a picture. It will make it MUCH easier for me to tell if it is something I can fix. No camera? No problem, you can always ship it to me!
I would like to note that I do repair on Waterford Crystal, Lalique, Baccarat, Steuben, Depression Glass, Marbles, Paperweights, Moser and Swarovski Crystal. You can check out the new pictures of the Swarovski under the Photo Gallery Section.  I can also drill holes in glass, and grind, polish and modify an existing piece of glass to suit your needs. Interior designers take note! I can take existing glasses, bowls and such and turn them into Unique lampshades. Just ask! I can repair a stem on a broken wine glass, remove chips from the rim of a glass... Email me if you have questions!
Thank you for reading. If you have any questions that were not explained here, please send them to me here.

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